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June 23, 2021 in Los Angeles outside the courtroom hearing of Britney’s conservatorship case. Rich Fury/Getty Images

Britney Spears has been in her conservatorship since 2008 (13th year up till 2021) after her public mental breakdown, and it should be rightfully terminated without evaluation.

As most may know, Britney has had her court hearing two days ago and had released jaw-dropping allegations against her conservators — most notably her father.

She has an IUD (birth control device) inside of her that can’t be removed nor marry her boyfriend of 4 years due to permission denied from the conservators; she was forced to be on tour even though she was very sick, with video evidence of her saying that she has a 102-degree fever whilst performing on stage; She is forced to pay thousands upon thousands of dollars to pay for all her conservators and the related investments that they make that puts her mental and physical health at harm.

Why is this all legal under our current legal system?

The fact that one of the biggest pop stars of the decade is going through such an unjust process of torment reflects that the American legal system, or more specifically the conservatorship program should be re-examined.

I think one of the biggest issues is whether or not there are legal consequences if the conservatee doesn’t follow the conservator’s plans. As Britney stated in her testimony, she could be sued by the conservators if she doesn’t follow their demands. Of course, is it likely that a conservator would sue a ‘mentally impaired’ person for not obeying? It is unlikely. But if such a case were to happen like Britney Spears’ situation, having this system is just ridiculous and profound.

Aside from amending such laws, we should also examine how her family presented this issue over the past couple of years. Her sister Jamie Lynn Spears has appeared multiple times on TV, yet she didn’t voice out any of Britney’s frustrations or abuse.

It could be because Jamie Lynn herself also was threatened by her father to not disclose anything, it is unknown whether or not if she faced such threats, but according to Briney’s testimony in which where she stated she would like to sue her family members — it is plausible that Jamie Lynn did not speak up based on her own volition.

Thankfully (or not), Britney’s Instagram is a clear cry for help even without her family members speaking out. Once in a while, she would post videos of her spinning or answering questions that no one asked. The way these videos are presented is very eerie, sometimes with very weird edits like odd cuts and filters, and other times she would speak in this very unnatural tone.

June 12th, 2021. Taken from Britney’s Instagram

The captions to her posts do not help to articulate her message at all, she uses very weird emojis and a lot of exclamation points — her ideas are all over the place. Are these posts gratifying for her? In the testimony, she did mention that she is trying to suppress her depression through putting on this positive front on social media — but god this front is terrifying as heck.

One of her posts taken from her Instagram

With some of the truth now presented to the audience, I hope that Britney gets the help that she needs and that the evil-doers are punished.

Britney has been a trailblazer in the music industry and as a public icon. Yes, her breakdowns were absolutely horrible and no one deserved to go through them, but the silver lining is that the world can wake up to the messed up things that others are doing. If she hadn’t spoken up 2 days ago, the world wouldn't know how bonked up the conservatorship program is. If she hadn’t had her public breakdown with the paparazzi, us media consumers wouldn't know how awful it is to have near no privacy when stars are out on the streets.

We love you, Britney, stay strong.

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